Books I'm Reading for 2024

Here’s the text with a bit more flavor I’ve got a stack of books I’m committed to diving into

Efficient Linux at the Command Line’ by Daniel J. Barret

Talks about how to excel your skills when using the terminal


The Rust Programming Language’ by Steve Klabnik & Carol Nichols

Shows different ways to work with rust language from medium to advance


David Rockefeller Memoirs’ by an Author I can’t wait to discover

Shows David’s life from point of view, and shows his family evolution


Mañana en la Batalla Piensa en Mí’ by the talented Javier Marias

It’s a nice funny story of two random people meeting and when they are about to have sex the girl dies in front of him; and he doesn’t know what to do.


Seeing like a State’ by the insightful James C. Scott

Shows a way governments when doing their best to enhance people’s lifes, they make it worse sometimes.



It’s quite a diverse collection, carefully curated to enrich my knowledge and enhance my reading experience. If I come across any exciting new titles, you can bet I’ll update this post with them.